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Serve Your City (SYC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that creates essential learning opportunities for at-risk District of Columbia students through innovative programming and the engagement of passionate volunteers.

We are committed to utilizing the strengths of various community organizations and academic consultants to provide academic support, athletic activity, arts opportunities, and more to the youth we serve.

Help us make a difference!

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Support Our 2016 Tutoring, Aquatics, Tennis, and Rowing Programs!

Thanks to You- Serve Your City had an incredible Summer of Rowing, Swimming, and Tennis. Now it's time to start sports for the new school year.

We hope to:
  • Teach kids how to swim, row, and play tennis.
  • Provide safe, structured environment for under-served DC youth to participate.
  • Provide equipment to better serve our children's sports needs.

Now that kids are back in school we need your help to get them back on track and ready for college. Want to help?

  • Volunteer to tutor in any major school subject for local elementary, middle and high schools.
  • Volunteer for our Weekend Community Service Events
  • Donate to provide needed transportation, equipment, and volunteer training resources to support the youth we serve!

We want our kids to strive for the highest levels of academic achievement and gain the skills needed for scholarship-funded college education.

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Interested in becoming a SYC Volunteer?

“SYC is not only rewarding to everyone involved but also inspires positive thinking, role models, youth and their family members. SYC shows loyalty and helps open up opportunities that wouldn't be available otherwise.”
– Current Volunteer, Emma Gesiriech

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On April 23, 2016, Serve Your City students and volunteers helped clean up neighborhoods, parks, and streams at the Anacostia River Cleanup.
Why serve your city?

Each child deserves an opportunity to learn, grow, and engage in extracurricular activities, despite socioeconomic status or upbringing.

By joining the family of Serve Your City volunteers, you can help provide at-risk youth and families a comprehensive array of needed educational, extracurricular, and career development services.

SYC brings together a diverse group of volunteers from various professional and educational backgrounds to facilitate unique and memorable opportunities to give back to our City!

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