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We Keep Us Safe

Whether it's our after-school enrichment and tutoring programs, or life-saving work with Ward 6 Mutual Aid, our mission remains the same: provide Black and Brown youth and families the same resources and opportunities that others in DC already have. Today and into the future.

We deliver food & supplies to families, seniors and people living in encampments.





We share culturally-relevant public health information, masks & sanitizer, yoga, arts engagement & athletics.


We provide laptops, internet, tutoring & enrichment to students underserved by existing structures.



We make the voices of our community heard. Liberation takes more than food and a laptop.


From Urgent to Sustainable


Since March 2020, Serve Your City has served as the lead partner for Ward 6 Mutual Aid, responding to the COVID-19 crisis by coordinating efforts among grassroots organizers, passionate volunteers, and community-based organizations that have been doing the work since long before the pandemic. They include Momma’s Safe Haven, the TraRon Center, Brotha’s Huddle, ONE DC, Training Grounds Inc, and almost three dozen others. Find out more about who we are


All of our projects are in direct response to needs expressed by our community. This is mutual survival.

“No kid should depend on the love of others to have the things they deserve. If that exists in the world, then it exists for everyone.”

- Maurice Cook, SYC founder 

See what we're up to in the community:

If you are in need of help or know someone who needs help, reach out at

ward6mutualaid@gmail.com or 202-683-9962

Click here for more information on the food and supplies we provide to Ward 6 residents and others.

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Serve Your City is a tax-exempt 501c3 organization and all donations are tax-deductible.