About Serve Your City/Ward 6 Mutual Aid

We are guided by the principle of “Solidarity, not Charity.”

We, the community, keep us safe for our common survival and well-being and share a common responsibility.


For more than a decade, Serve Your City has provided life-changing experiences and opportunities for at-risk DC students, giving Black and Brown children access to rowing, swimming, yoga, tennis, tutoring, and inspiring experiences often not readily available to children from under-resourced families.


Since March 2020, SYC has served as the infrastructure hub for Ward 6 Mutual Aid, a partnership of more than three dozen organizations—many of them hyper-local, Black- or Brown-led groups—that came together to share resources and save lives after the COVID-19 pandemic struck the District.

Ward 6 Mutual Aid Partners

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Maurice Cook, Executive Director and Lead Organizer

Raised in Maryland and DC, Maurice was the first male in his family to attend college, eventually earning a master’s degree. His love of his hometown, coupled with his frustration with the systemic racism experienced by Black and Brown youth in DC and throughout this country, drove Maurice to create Serve Your City in 2009 and to step up as a leader with Ward 6 Mutual Aid when the pandemic struck in March 2020. He lives on Capitol Hill with his wife, Jackie.

Serve Your City Board of Directors
  • Alistair Thomson, Board Chair

  • Mike Coburn

  • Naa Sackeyfio

  • Terry Washington

  • Tonya Porter Woods