Ward 6 Mutual Aid Network

COVID-19 Emergency Response - We keep us safe!


The DC Ward 6 Mutual Aid Network is a grassroots volunteer effort to support DC’s Black and Brown communities hit hardest by the COVID-19 crisis. Serve Your City is coordinating efforts with grassroots organizers and community-based Black- and Brown-led organizations, including Momma’s Safe Haven, the TraRon Center, Brotha’s Huddle, Training Ground Inc, and more than a dozen others. All of our projects are directly in response to needs expressed by our community.

Need help or know someone who does? 

ward6mutualaid@gmail.com or 202-683-9962

What we are doing & how you can help


We deliver to our most vulnerable neighbors in public housing, shelters, and tent encampments.  Donate masks and money so we can buy more food!


We deliver to DC public school students to bridge the digital divide so that students have what they need to keep up with their peers in school. Donate used laptops, tablets, and wifi modems.



We provide fliers with information on how to avoid COVID-19, how and where to get tested, and how to find needed medical support for those who test positive through our Black Public Health Campaign. Download the fliers for free here and here and post in your community and donate money to help us print and distribute.



We support at-promise youth who are in detainment, commitment, incarceration, group homes, and foster care by ensuring their basic needs are met and work to improve educational, health, and safety outcomes for these students. Donate money to help us purchase supplies to distribute. 



We connect students in DC public schools to free, individualized virtual tutoring. Sign up here to be a tutor. Donate to help us expand this programming over the summer.



We serve those experiencing homelessness on a weekly basis, providing disposable masks and hygiene items. Donate to help keep our neighbors safe and healthy. 




Groceries and supplies delivered



Volunteers in the network



Neighborhood distribution “pods”



Ward 6 partner organizations



Masks distributed



Laptops and tablets delivered



Students connected with tutors



Black public health flyers distributed!

Food & Supplies Drop Off

You can bring supplies to the following “pods.” Email or call for more locations in your neighborhood.

  • Capitol Hill: Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, 545 7th St. SE | 9 am-6 pm daily, inside the vestibule

  • Southwest: Christ United Methodist Church, 900 4th Street SW | Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3-6 pm and Saturday Noon - 3 pm; delivery through courtyard gate.

  • Capitol Hill: Faith Tabernacle United Holy Church, 300 A St NE | Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursdays, 12-2 pm

  • Shaw: Salem Baptist Church 917 N St. NW | Friday and Saturday 12-2 pm

  • Hill East: Mount Moriah Baptist Church, 1636 East Capitol St NE | Sunday 8am - 10am; Monday 11am - 3pm, Tuesday 5 - 7 pm, Weds 11 am - 3 pm

  • Navy Yard: Waterfront Church, 1000 New Jersey Ave SE | Tues & Thu, 9 am -12 pm and 5-7 pm

 What Your Neighbors Need 


  • Bleach

  • Cleaning wipes

  • Household cleaner or disinfectant

  • Dish and hand soap

  • Gloves

  • Masks

  • Powdered or shelf-stable milk

  • Canned vegetables, especially dark leafy greens

  • Canned fruit & 100% juice (not cocktail)

  • Toilet paper

  • Snack foods

  • Diapers of all sizes

  • Baby wipes

  • Rice

  • Pasta

  • Beans

  • Canned chicken or tuna

  • Rubbing alcohol or alcohol pads

  • Any items you bought for your own family

Partner Organizations


Together, we keep us safe​

  • Brothas Huddle

  • Momma's Safe Haven

  • Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW)

  • Training Ground Incorporated

  • Fairness Coalition

  • Who Speaks for Me

  • Empower DC

  • One DC

  • Georgetown Juvenile Justice Institute

  • Public Defenders Service of DC

  • Free Minds Book Club

  • Universal Healthcare Management

  • School of Justice Project

  • Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services

  • Johnson Middle School

  • Child Youth Family Services 

  • Students in Care of DC Coordinating Committee

  • Capital Area Food Bank

  • Food for All

  • Pacers Running Club

  • Potomac Gardens Residence Council

  • C6C

  • Salem Baptist

  • WaterFront Church

  • Mount Moriah Baptist Church

  • Faith Tabernacle

  • Christ United Methodist

  • Faith Strategies

  • Masks for America

  • Supply Love DC

  • TraRon Center

  • Moms Demand Action

  • Digital Equity in DC Education

  • WPFW 89.3 XM

  • We ACT Radio

  • Black Coalition Against COVID

Take Care of Yourself!


Above all: stay healthy, wash your hands and find safe ways to help your neighbors during this unprecedented crisis. We have all of the care and love we need to take care of one another. 


All of us or none of us.

❤️ SYC