Thank you for supporting the work of Serve Your City and Ward 6 Mutual Aid.

Please consider making your gift recurring! Sustaining donations ensure that our work can continue now and long into the future. This is what your support can provide to your DC community:

$3000 or $250/month
Provide a student with everything they need to thrive for one year:  tutoring, co-curricular activities, and technology a DC student needs to thrive. 

$1200 or $100/month
Provide a DC Student with the tools for academic success for a full year (tutoring services, internet access and a device).

$600 or $50/month
Provide a student with one year of meaningful co-curricular activities. Ensure every DC student has the opportunity to develop their body, soul, and mind (e.g. horseback riding, swimming, trapeze classes). 

$300 or $25/month
Help a family make ends meet by providing food + PPE + cleaning products to a DC family every week for a year.

$120 or $10/month
Help a student engage in socially-distanced yoga for Black and Brown youth for one season


$60 or $5/month
A carload of groceries delivered by a volunteer to 10 families/community members. 

All donation levels make a real difference, so give what you can and know that every dollar powers our grassroots efforts to keep each other safe. Solidarity, not charity!

Serve Your City is a tax-exempt 501c3 organization and all donations are tax-deductible.

Tax ID: 80-0753615