Your Juneteenth donations combat systemic racism and celebrate DC’s Black communities

You more than doubled our initial Juneteenth Celebration ask, raising $17,146 in less than a week. We are so eternally grateful for the love and support shown to our communities. We had an incredible Juneteenth celebration and we want you to know that the celebration of Black lives doesn’t stop now. Your support keeps this work going.

Serve Your City and the Ward 6 Mutual Aid Network raised these funds to support organizations that combat systemic racism and celebrate Black communities. These incredible organizations include Momma’s Safe Haven, the TraRon Center, Brotha’s Huddle, Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, Training Grounds Inc., ONE DC, Empower DC, and March for Racial Justice.

The Ward 6 Mutual Aid Network partner organizations rely on generous donations in order to sustain and grow our work delivering food, masks, and digital access to DC’s most vulnerable Black communities. This is liberators’ work and it needs your support.


Juneteenth is the day when the last slaves in Texas learned they were free in 1865, two years after Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. Learn more about Juneteenth in this short video from Maurice Cook, founder of SYC.

If you have any questions or know someone who needs assistance, please reach out to ward6mutualaid@gmail.com.